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            Windows10桌面平台Office 2016最新版本截图曝光

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                最近不仅有Win10预览版10036  ,另有Win10手机预览新版  ,现在Windows10桌面平台上的Office 2016泛起16.0.3823.1005新版本泄露  。

                在这个版本Office 2016中  ,相比之前 ,虽然它不会带来任何重大的改变或新功效  ,但也称的上是一个部门修订版本  。

                话虽这么说  ,在这个版本中  ,外貌显着的转变最大的是一个新的主题 ,顺应应用颜色  ,称之为“colorful”(多彩的)  ,也集成了微软石灰岩配色等  。凭据Rafael Rivera的说法 ,这现实上是用来测试差别Office元素的调试工具 。


                It’s been a very busy weekend for leakers. Not only has a new version of Windows 10 been leakedonline but now a new version of Office 2016 is also on display.

                The new version of the desktop suite, numbered 16.0.3823.1005, is one of the newer versions of Office, though it doesn’t bring any major changes or new features. In fact this is only up from version 3629.1006 which showed up in January, so this isn’t a major version revision.

                That being said, there are a few changes that are apparent the biggest of which is a new theme that adapts with the color of the application, called “colorful”. Also showing up in working form is Microsoft Limestone Integration Application, or Microsoft Lime for short. According to Rafael Rivera this is actually a dev tool used for testing different Office elements.

                As you can see, there’s not much that is new in this leak, and as usual we won’t be providing a direct link for the download. However, it’s still interesting to note how Microsoft’s newfound openness is apparently leading to more leaks than ever.

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